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Month: To print an entire year select "ALL" (below 12).
Image URL:   How to get a URL
Force image width to:   Remember the calendar is only 800 wide.
Type in a URL above, or click the "Image gallery" button.
The following fields customize your calendar. The "Display calendar" button at the bottom opens a new window to show you the calendar. If you like it print it. If not close the window and change some settings below, then click "Display calender" again. The "Day height" and "Number size" change the height of your calendar, so if your calendar doesn't fit on one page try making them smaller.
 arial    courier new    tahoma    times new roman    helvetica  
Click one of the grey font buttons above. -OR- To use a font that is installed on your compurter type in the EXACT name in the box.
NOTE! Full year calendars (month "ALL") will print using "Courier new" no matter what font you select.
Number size:
Day height:
Line width:
The "2 day sample" button opens a small window with a tiny calendar (two days) for a quick look at your color layout. It's much faster than the "Display calendar" button. The window will self close when you click in this window.
Color schemes:
Select one of the preset color schemes to get ideas for color combinations. Or chose your own colors below
Text color:  select
Lines color:  select
Day color:  select
Paper color:  select
Make sure that your browser options are set to "Print background images = yes"
Otherwise the lines between the days will not print.

In Internet Explorer:
In the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options", click the "Advanced" tab, scroll down to "Printing", check the box for "Print background colors and images"
In Netscape:
In the "File" menu, select "Page setup", and make sure that "Print backgrounds" is checked.

Questions or comments about this page? click here