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Hesperia Airport

Hesperia California in the High Desert near Victorville

7070 Summit Valley Road, Hesperia CA 92345
Gerd and Claudia Schnieder have been the owners since 2000
Garry Abbott is the airport operator and has been a merchant on the Airport since 2002.
The on-field restaurant is the Mile High Cafe and is famous for their burgers and their daily specials.
Hesperia Flight Academy is the flight school right on the airport.
AA Aircraft Maintenance is the maintenance shop on the field. Phone: 760-900-0807.
Victorville Airshow Associaciation coordinates the annual airshow on the field.

Hesperia Airport is now famous for it's LOW fuel prices.
MAG Aviation is the Fuel suplier on the field. Phone: 760 947-0807.

Please note that ALL photos on this page are from 1995.

Hesperia airport is a privately owned airport in Hesperia California.

Hesperia airport (in the black rectangle) from about 3 miles north

A wide view of the cafe from the street side.

A view of the cafe from the airport side.
Note the patio for outside dining, very nice in the mornings.

Inside the cafe.

A resident of the airport.

A wide view of the motel on the airport.
The office and fuel pumps are on the right.

The fuel pumps and motel office.

A partial view of one of the rooms in the motel.

About 30 miles north of Hesperia is Calico Ghost Town (near Barstow).
This is a somewhat distant view that includes the sign on the side of the mountain.
The Ghost town is in the black rectangle.

A closer view of Calico (in the black rectangle).
(Boy do I need a telephoto lens.)

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