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We provide all the services that are required to make a website work.
If you are looking for a specific service checkout the list below.
If you don't see it listed, please call. I'll bet we can help you.

Database programming
Create a database for your website where you can add, delete, and edit items. Databases are used for inventory, membership, order and process tracking, and many other systems. All of our databases are custom designed to fit your business.

User image upload
Allows a user to upload an image file using a form on a webpage. The server can resize the image and create a thumbnail of the image to save space and speed up download.

User file upload
Allows a user to upload a file (file, document, etc.) using a form on a webpage.

PHP Session programming
PHP Sessions allow the server to "remember" information about a user while they are at the website. It is used for security and to speed up user access to infomation.

Member sign-up and login
Webpage that allows a user to sign-up and login after sign-up using an ID and password.

Forms and data delivery
For example you might want a form on a webpage that collects information, formats it, and either stores it on the server for download or report generation. Or it can be emailed directly to you.

Email integration
Email can be created and sent by the server for many purposes. Newsletters, shipping alerts, status updates, or invoicing, to name a few.

Email Robots
Email robots are programs on the server that receive email and take actions based on the content of the email. They can reply to the email and provide information, or they can reformat the information in the email and store or email it to someone else. They can even post the information in the email to another server.

Server side software in PHP or Perl
These are programs that reside and run on the server. Also known as website backend programming. They can perform almost any function.

Client side software in Javascript
These are programs embedded in the webpage that run in the browser.

Flash presentation movies
Flash is animated presentations that run in the browser. They are used in websites to make the content more compelling, and to bring the users attention to important points. For an example click here.

Domain name registration
I can register your domain name for $8 per year, with only a one year minimum. You can register, or I can register it for you in your name.

Web hosting
I have a source for reliable web hosting with 800 Meg of space, MySQL, SSL, and Email for $8 per month (one year pre-pay).